GCFIL in Bangladesh

Youth Leadership Development Project (YLDP)

Bangladesh is the country of youths. There are more than 32 million adolescents in Bangladesh. In a country with a young demographic, they make up 21 percent of the population. Youth is the biggest asset of this country. Successfully creating a resourceful youth community can become a revolutionary step. There’s no alternative to working with them for more significant country development. Bangladesh can progress valuably if the youth resources are utilised appropriately. Giving importance to this context, GCFIL Bangladesh has initiated “Youth Leadership Development Project (YLDP) ” in Bangladesh from 2020.

Major Activities under YLDP

> “21st Century Youth Skill Development Series”: This program contains- leadership development, language development, technological skills development, communication and media development. This project is funded through a social enterprise model and in partnership with Maslow Bangladesh, BTWA and Open Access Bangladesh.
> Social awareness programs for youth (collaborations and partnerships with various socio-cultural organisations.)
> Leadership Olympiad, Leadership Summit (partnerships with campus-based creative institutions.)
> Summit with young entrepreneurs (by partnering with different creative persons and formations.)
> Exhibitions on women empowerment and initiatives (with woman entrepreneurs and organisations by them)
> Arranging subject-based youth camps in ancient heritage areas, tourist spots etc., in partnership with Bangladesh Travel Writers Association.

Multisector Skills Development/Training Activities

There’s no substitute for multipurpose training in education, research and skills development for the sustainable progress of society. Hence GCFIL has initiated projects for various sectors of people in Bangladesh. For example-

> Leadership training- GCFIL and many national and campus-based institutions.
> Young professional training- this is also in partnership with various national, local and campus-based institutions.
> Education project management training- GCFIL
> Action Research training- GCFIL and Maslow Bangladesh
> Writing training- partner with BTWA (Bangladesh Travel Writers Association)
> Skills development training for entrepreneurs in agricultural, industrial and technological sectors- in partnership with related organisations and companies.

And various other skills development training related to the 21st century.

Research and Development (R&D) Projects

Research helps us to progress as a civilization. Hence research and development are much needed everywhere. Being a developing country, Bangladesh has substantial needs in this sector. GCFIL has been administering projects with innovative aspects in research. For this prospective sector, we have launched the following activities:

> Collaborative integrations with various research organisations to increase awareness of research among youth such as University-based Undergraduate Research Societies, such as DURS, RURS…..
> Publishing research-related books and providing training on Research
> Conducting miniature research projects on socio-educational, health and youth skills development- DURS & Others
> Awarding scholarships and fellowships to undergraduate researchers in collaboration with research societies
> Awareness programs to create libraries and textbooks across the country- in partnership with Open Access Bangladesh

Education Exposure Projects: Partner with IDI USA (https://idiworldwide.net/)

GCFIL has been conducting different education exposure projects in many countries. For example, GCFIL is achieving its goals through joint ventures and participatory activities with various kinds of training, seminar and conference-symposium. From these, organisations may get the chance to earn colossal revenues, broaden their networks and gain recognition and eminent image. It’ll be in collaboration with Bangladesh Travel Writers Association, Open Access Bangladesh and adhering institutions.