Master Certificate in Decolonization of Development

Liberatory Approaches Across the Program Life Cycle

Managing programs through a decolonizing lens

A Global Center for Innovation and Learning and FNM Advising Joint Program

This virtual workshop will help international development practitioners apply decolonizing and liberatory lenses across the program life cycle – from designing programs, to stakeholder engagement, communications and learning and finally implementation  This workshop will be led by Farah Mahesri from FNM Advising (

Learning Objectives: Participants will…

Explore core concepts related to decolonizing, imperliasm, equity and inclusion.
Learn about and apply power and historical and systems analysis across a project cycle.
Get hands-on practical experience in asking different questions and applying new frameworks across the program life cycle.


Session 1: Introduction to frameworks

Introductory session that covers an overview of major concepts related to colonialism, neo-colonialism, imperialism and what it means to apply a decolonizing or liberatory lens to this work.

Session 2: Systems, historical and power analysis

Introduction to systems-level analysis, power analysis and historical analysis as core tools to use in liberatory approaches.

Session 3: Decolonized program design

Detailed look on how to apply decolonized approaches to program design, including hands-on exercises.

Session 4: Decolonized proposal writing

Detailed exploration of going from high-level program design to writing a proposal using decolonized principles.

Session 5: Decolonized program operations – start-up and implementation

Detailed exploration of how to decolonize starting a new program – from hiring staff, to working with subcontractors, and setting up an office and doing a participatory work plan.

Session 6: Decolonized communications

Learn how to decolonize programmatic communications, from writing success stories to writing reports, to using social media.

Session 7: Decolonized learning agenda

An introduction to decolonizing monitoring, evaluation and learning approaches and how to build a learning agenda through a liberatory lens.

Session 8: Pulling it together

Exploring key learnings and working together to identify ways to put what we learned into action.

Master Trainer: Farah Mahesri

As the co-author for the 2018 State of Diversity in Global Social Impact report, Ms. Mahesri is both an experienced international development expert with more than 15 years of experience in global development and DE&I expert with nearly 10 years of working on DEI-type initiatives using liberatory frameworks to unlock transformative potential and impact. She is a skilled facilitator, expert in training design, and has experience conducting organizational development work both as internal staff for an organization and as an external consultant. You can see more about her work at


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