Business Development

Business Development

Pre Proposal (Phase 1) – Pipeline Development and Capture Management

GCFIL supports organizations in the following aspects of business development with rapid start-up including staff capacity development:

a. Opportunity Identification and Assessment
b. Pipeline Development and Go/No Go Decision Tree
c. Capture Management including actual in-country and remote capture in any country globally
d. Partnership management and support for consortiums including NDA, SOW, PTA
e. Recruitment of Key Personnel
f. Pre RFP/Solicitation preparation including draft concepts, draft budget, RFI response

Post Proposal (Phase 2) Proposal Development and Submission Support

a. RFP tracking (local and international intel collection)
b. Post RFP Release SOWs and Teaming Agreements for partners
c. Compliance Matrix as per RFP
d. Technical Proposal Writing and Cost Proposal Development
e. Annex Development support with compliance
f. Reviews of the proposals with external experts (confidential and upon request)
g. Proposal graphics design and editing
h. Support official submission by organizations

Post Award (Phase 3) – Post Award, Implementation Support

a. Project start-up in-country (or US-based) including local operating license/permission from government
b. Recruitment support of Key personnel
c. Project management set up support
d. Technical experts through consultants
e. On-call support for any troubleshooting and compliance issues
f. Executive Coaching for COP and Project Directors and Project Managers

These are some areas of work just on the Business Development front. We could also discuss other aspects such as:
– Operationalizing Strategic Plan (System Development within organizations)
– Organizational Capacity Assessment (organizations and Affiliates)
– Diversification Model including products and services (Direct Sales and Marketing)

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