Improving lives through innovation & learning

Global Center for Innovation and Learning (GCFIL) works on global human development across a variety of civil sectors: Education, Industry, and the Public Sector. Our roots are in Bangladesh, beginning in the 1990s. GCFIL has areas of operation through regional offices in Bangladesh, Tanzania, Uzbekistan and is headquartered in the USA. It strives for a world where all people are skilled, capable and can improve their lives and the lives of their community. With expanded networks in 75+ Countries, we pride ourselves on co-creating new ideas and implementing them with measured evidence of success.


Our Programs

We use an integrated approach to collaborative work, collaborating with partners and stakeholders to co-form a vision for positive change, design workable strategies to realize progress in target areas, carry out high-quality and responsive work, and increase partner capacity. In order to help stakeholders learn by doing, reflect on their actions, and work toward continuous improvement, we involve all actors in practical hands-on techniques, apply new understandings to real-world experiences, and work to make those experiences and efforts better. It is achieved through individually designed work plans and products, backed by efficient and engaging training, as well as ongoing mentoring and coaching.

Our Partners

The best organization with great ideas and goals will not thrive without the ability to innovate into new approaches, have the internal capacity to learn, grow, excel, and work in ways that are supported by best practices in their respective fields.

Our Official Profiles