Our Works in Education

GCFIL customizes all of its work in the Education field toward the specific needs of the client. We have a clear menu of options for key educational improvement components and specific program areas. We specialize in program development, partnerships, and technical support for K-12 and Higher Education. Our work spans the scope of learning, from early childhood to post-secondary, with an emphasis on identifying and responding to core educational issues, including language and literacy, basic skills development, critical thinking for higher levels of learning, cutting-edge pedagogy, evidence-based instructional planning, and use of quality assessment to drive program development. Some highlights of our work follow:

PRE-K, Primary, & Secondary:

GCFIL provides technical assistance and leadership for Pre-K, Primary, and Secondary policy development, curriculum, pedagogy training, assessment development, and creation of quality student and teacher resources, in language, literacy, numeracy, and content subjects.

Higher Education:

GCFIL provides technical assistance and leadership for the improvement and expansion of Higher Education, including governance and management, curriculum and coursework development, pedagogical training for faculty, research access and improvement, distance learning, accreditation, and developing international university partnerships and exchanges.

Teacher Pre-Service:

GCFIL provides technical partnerships to ministries of education and pre-service institutions to improve teacher preparation policy, curriculum and course content, pedagogical approaches, field-based practicums, and performance assessment.