Grant Writing

master certificate course

Master the art of writing competitive grant proposals,
turn your ideas into reality!

What if you could learn how to increase your efficiency in writing grant proposals, reduce your stress and increase the likelihood of successfully securing funding for your project?

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12 Weeks Live Online Course

Course Description

GCFIL’s International Grant Proposal Writing Course will teach you the steps to take your vision for positive change and strategically search for funding to turn your idea into a reality.


You will understand how to organize your time and resources to write well-crafted proposals, meet proposal deadlines with greater ease, increase your chances of success.


Over 12 weeks of online classes, you will learn how to:

– Identify achievable and fundable projects

– Research and assess funding sources

– Connect and build funder relations

– Tailor writing style for proposals

– Develop realistic budgets 

– Prepare a full proposal package for submission

– Follow up with funders in the case being awarded or rejected


Grants and contract proposals to US Government Agencies (such as USAID, DOS, DOL, DOE, USDA), and private, community, and corporate foundations will be emphasized.

Zineb Haimoud

Former Participant

"This course taught me how to structure my proposals, identify funding opportunities, and improved my writing skills. Tips on communicating effectively with funders helped make the process less intimidating.


Sakil Malik takes a challenging and complex topic and makes it straightforward and less intimidating."


Hatim Rijal

Fundraising Officer, Deriba Center for Environmental Studies (DCES)

"Before this course, I had limited information about the process of grant writing, however; having joined this course, I developed the skills to research, develop and write a competitive proposal. The course instructors were very supportive, created an environment to develop my teamwork skills and build an international network.


I am so grateful for the opportunity and the whole GCFIL team."


Course Content

To be covered over 12 weeks...

Module 1

– Grant Proposal Cycle – Business Development

– Introduction to Proposal writing

– Common Terms in Proposal Writing

– Common Abbreviations in Proposal Writing

– Understanding Proposal Writing

Module 4

– Budget Development

– Alignment with Activity Matrix and Logical Framework

– Annex

Module 5

– Presentations by Proposal Teams

– Road to Success: Pro Tips to Win a Grant

Module 2

– Before Writing a Proposal – Creating an Outline

– Problem Statement

– Identifying Solution

– Writing Technical Approach

Module 3

– The Logical Framework

– Activity Matrix

Who will benefit from this course?

Anyone  seeking the necessary skills and tools to work in a dynamic international project proposal writing environment, including:


1. Development professionals seeking to write winning proposals

2. Those interested in entering the international project proposal development and implementation agencies which prepares and submits project proposals

3. Those who enjoy working in a team environment, enjoying the writing process, and thrive in deadline-driven work

4. Non-profit organizations/Community-based organizations/Civil Society organizations seeking to improve funder relationships

5. Freelance writers seeking to add grant writing to their skillset


For Individuals

Developing Countries

Asia, Africa, South America
$ 250

Developed Countries

USA, UK, Central Europe, Australia
$ 1000

For Organizations

Developing Countries

Asia, Africa, South America
$ 500

Developed Countries

USA, UK, Central Europe, Australia
$ 1500

Upon successful completion of this course, participants will...

○ Master the art of writing winning grant proposals and fellowships

○ Improve their understanding of the international development world

○ Increase their capacity at all stages of a project cycle, from searching for new opportunities to submission of a technical proposal

Course Includes...

○ All materials provided in electronic format, including e-books and lesson slides

○ Class recording available within 24 hours of each course session

○ A private online group created for registered participants, connecting participants and trainers for discussion and questions