Master Certificate in

International Project Management

Get results, save time and money by learning to successfully plan and execute international and local development projects. Use standard, globally recognized international and local development sector and internal and local project management principles and processes to achieve optimum results. Stand out as a global and local development leader who can get projects done on time and within budget. Gain the competitive edge in the job marketplace. “International development programs bring knowledge and resources to help communities and governments around the world as they work to end extreme poverty; support the advancement of human rights; and promote resilient, democratic societies while advancing global security and prosperity“1.

Who is this course for?

Anyone seeking the necessary skills and tools to work in a dynamic international or local development project management environment, including:
– Professionals currently managing projects unofficially who want to be more effective
– Anyone wanting to enter the international development project management field
– Those looking to prepare for the Project Management Professional® exam
– Learn how to manage development projects more effectively and gain an understanding of project management principles. Be more successful and marketable.

Course Format

– 10 weeks live online classes to meet on FRIDAYS (recordings will be available)
– USA ET 9:30 AM – 11:30 AM
– Lectures and class discussions
– Weekly individual and group assignments
– Participant groups will work on sample projects to go through life cycle of education project planning
– 40 hours of course and assignments, fulfilling requirements to prepare for PMP certification

Course Overview

This course will cover the fundamentals of the lifecycle of development projects, from planning to execution. You will learn to…

1. Lead an international or local development project from beginning to end
2. Setup a development project for success
3. Identify development project objectives
4. Manage stakeholders (Donors, Governments, Communities and Staff)
5. Create a project plan and schedule
6. Identify and manage risk
7. Control budgets
8. Motivate and lead your project team
9. Manage team to execute project plan
10. Close out the project and capture lessons learned

Learning Outcomes

>Understand the necessary elements of successful international or local development project management
>Understand the importance of each element, and how to approach it in a real-world context
>Develop practical plans for implementation of a management strategy in a real-world context
>Preparation for PMP Exam

Course Materials

All materials will be provided in electronic format, including e-books and PowerPoints. Class recording will be available within 24 hours of each course session. A private Facebook group will be created for registered participants. A link to join the group will be sent with registration confirmation. This group will serve to connect with classmates and trainers for discussion and questions.

  1. International Development 101: https://www.interaction.org/aid-delivers/foreign-assistance-overview/international-development-101/